Judy Lawler Pokorny

Director District 3


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I’d like to begin by asking for your vote.

I feel I am the best candidate to fill the District 3 position on the Pedernales Electric Cooperative’s (PEC) Board of Directors. I have been a PEC member for more than 35 years living in the Cedar Park area, as well as, a lifetime resident of Williamson County. With your vote, I believe together we can build a more effective Cooperative. Although some gains have been made over the years, I believe there is room for improvement. One of the best ways for change and improvement to occur is for there to be a change in leadership. I am asking today for your help in making that change happen. If I am elected, I encourage you to talk to me and share your ideas and comments. I promise to be the person that will voice your concerns and represent each and every one of you. I am 100% committed to being the best representative for District 3. I know with your feedback, ideas, and suggestions, we can make our electric cooperative the best possible.

After a more than 30-year career in State Government, where I served in many leadership capacities, I decided it was time for a change and have devoted my time since to my community and family. I am currently in my sixth year serving as an Appraisal Review Board Member for the Williamson Central Appraisal District. Additionally, I serve as Treasurer for my Neighborhood Association and have been a board officer on the Association for more than 20 years.

Throughout my career with the State of Texas I held numerous management positions and served on numerous committees. In addition to my management roles which included managing a staff of auditors, I assisted in the development of proposed legislation and played an instrumental role in the development, design, and implementation of the Texas Uniform Statewide Accounting System. In all roles that I have held throughout my career, I have always strived to consistently provide creativity to produce clear and effective results. While I understand the importance of having expertise and experience, I believe it is just as important, if not more, to be an effective communicator and consensus builder to bring about needed results. I also realize in any organization, you cannot be effective, if you don’t have good people assisting you in getting the job done. I believe our Cooperative’s employees deserve recognition and applause for the hard work they put in everyday to make our Cooperative run efficiently and smoothly, and I look forward to working with them in a meaningful way.

One of my top priorities as a Board member would be advocating for the protection of the environment while ensuring safe, reliable and affordable power to all our members. Second, I fully support using emerging technologies to the benefit of our members to ensure lower energy costs for everyone. I want to lower rates and return capital credits to our member-owners as quickly as possible. Thirdly, as I stated earlier, without good employees, our ideas and suggestions could not be implemented. From the linemen to the office employees, I know it is paramount that the employees feel we have their backs and will do everything possible to support their needs in doing their jobs, which I am fully committed to doing. Lastly, I feel it is important to limit the number of terms an elected Board Director can serve. I would support limiting service to three consecutive terms of three years each.

Additionally, I feel my educational background supports my candidacy. I hold a Business Management Degree from the University of Texas at Austin. I have two children who both still live in Williamson County as well. My family’s commitment to serving their community is also exhibited through my children. My son, Eric Pokorny, is an electrician in the area and serves as a teacher in the electrical apprentice program. My daughter, Sara Schikevitz, is a teacher in the Leander Independent School District. I have resided in the Breakaway Subdivision just outside of Cedar Park for more than 30 years.