Eric Stratton

Director District 3

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Eric Stratton is running for Pedernales Electric Cooperative for three simple reasons: to keep the lights on, rates low, and to provide excellent customer

Eric has over 20 years of project management, public policy, and education and training experience, including time in the electric utility industry. He in fact spent five years working for the National Rural Electric Cooperatives, teaching best practices to electric utility boards of directors and educating member owners on effective communication with elected officials. For the past three years, he has helped design and manage multi-million-dollar client services projects for the state of Texas. Additionally, Eric has served as the Vice President of the Avery Ranch Owners Association where he emphasized improved transparency and efficiency in Board practices. He has also served as the District 6 Commissioner on the Austin Economic Prosperity Commission where he worked to build consensus on recommendations to increase economic development. Eric’s goals as a Director for PEC are simple:
  1. Keep the Lights On. Continue innovative outage detection and prevention management strategies utilizing the best technology available to the coop and member owners. This also means providing linemen and other staff with needed resources to fix problems promptly and safely when they occur.
  2. Keep the Rates Low. Make certain that the coop is using best practices for guaranteeing the lowest possible rates to member owners. This means building good relationships with—and holding accountable—our power provider contractors. But this also means taking bold steps to ensure all member owners are provided the same best rates, not subsidizing one type of generation over another for the sake of political expedience. While green, clean power is a laudable goal, it should not come at the expense of the member owners through unrealistic targets, caps, or expensive contracts as has been previous business practice. Nor should the coop be involved in building its own sources of generation—green or otherwise—at high costs for minimal power return, as is the current case. Such business practices place all member  owners at risk of higher rates.
  3. Provide Excellent Customer Service. Ensure new account connections are processed quickly and efficiently; and verify member concerns are addressed promptly and properly, including issues like questions about charges on the bill. This means proper training for frontline staff, recognizing that no two member owners are alike, their time is precious, and each member owner deserves a solution on the first call.
Pedernales Electric Coop is the largest privately owned electric utility in the country. It covers a service territory the size of several small states in the northeast and over 225,000 utility customers. But it is also rather unique. Unlike utility customers in other parts of central Texas, PEC customers are stockholders, too—member-owners. This allows the member-owners the additional benefit to elect the leadership of our utility and have a more direct say in its affairs. This year marks a special opportunity for the member owners of District 3 to have an even greater voice in PEC through this single-member district election. Eric will work to ensure that one of the fastest growing areas of the PEC has a real voice at the table and all of our interests represented, not just that of a privileged few, to keep the light on, rates low, and customer service excellent. Together, we are the PEC.