Kathi Thomas

District 4 Candidate

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Kathi Thomas was born in Lubbock, but grew up in SE Texas, where she graduated from Kirby High School, first attending Sam Houston State University on full music scholarship, then transferring to UT-Austin, where she was a member of the Longhorn Band, Wind Ensemble and Orchestra, and earned a Bachelor of Music Degree. She taught band in public school, before leaving to manage her parents’ floral business for 8 years. She moved to Austin, where she worked in the floral industry, including 5 years at Florafax International, serving as an account executive, also traveling for them, teaching design/floral business courses. In 1990, Thomas opened her floral design school, where she taught design and business, followed by teaching floral design/business at ACC for several years. She also taught music and government at a homeschool enrichment academy.

She married her college sweetheart in 1990, and they have a daughter, who attends Texas State. They live between Dripping Springs & Austin with her mentally disabled sister, along with two dogs, a cat and some chickens.

Since 1998, Kathi’s business has focused on floral design, event and memorial planning, working with clients to plan and execute their wishes within their budget.

Kathi’s work in the community has focused on family issues- public & higher education primarily, but also the environment and access to healthcare. She’s involved with several organizations and has testified at the State Capitol many times.

Some of her civic involvements include:
(Past activities)
Kathi’s advocacy for renewable resources reflects her lifestyle. Since 2001, her family lives in a home they designed and built in Hays County, with rainwater as their sole source of water. Her business is ecologically sensitive, sourcing local materials whenever possible. Solar is a goal for their home, too.

Kathi’s experience with Co-ops goes back years. Her family’s floral shop was a member of FTD, then a member owned co-op. It was later sold to a private equity group, and the emphasis became on profit for them, not those who subscribed to FTD, and FTD floundered.

They’ve been members of PEC since Feb. 2001. In Feb. 2008, Kathi wrote to the Board of PEC, which was involved in various nefarious to illegal uses of members’ money. She told them that they should all resign due to their betrayal of the public trust. She feels strongly that public officials must do all they can to uphold the trust that is placed in them.

Kathi’s goals for PEC include:
  1. Upholding the ideals of cooperatives, working for the common good.
  2. Making the renewables program more robust, through social media and other PR to our members
  3. Working with the Legislature and Federal government to help provide high speed internet for our members. This will help more rural communities to build economic success.
  4. Working to keep our costs down by smart investments in renewables for our future. With the rapidly expanding numbers of homes in our District, and more extreme weather, we need to do all we can to keep our wholesalers from needing to build more very expensive power plants. We can do this with a combination of conservation and shifting to solar on homes, especially new constructions. PEC needs to reverse its recent (basically) anti-solar policy.
  5. Conserving electricity also conserves the water it takes to make the electricity, so we’re creating double savings when we conserve electricity.
  6. A commitment to transparency in all that we do. Bringing in members for committees to consider policy changes, before such policies are presented at a board meeting. Input is critical to success.
  7. Listening to our members. We need to make it as easy as possible for our members to find what they need on the website, and to have access to any information they need. When they have a complaint about something the Board is doing, we need to listen, and to thoughtfully research and respond.