Matthew S. Weldon

Director District 3

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Statement of interest and biography for Matthew Weldon
Candidate for Director, District 3, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Motivating interest:
I am interested in serving as a Director for the Pedernales Electric Cooperative for two main reasons. One is that I believe it will be an exciting time for the electric utility industry as it is faced with significant challenges while presented with an even greater number of opportunities. It is compelling to be part of an industry undergoing rapid change. The pressures external to the cooperative create incentive and opportunity to invest within our region and in our membership. The co-op business model is well aligned to realize wide adoption among its members of the enabling and liberating technological advancements that are growing in accessibility. Even as customer-sited generation and storage may place downward pressures to the PEC’s revenue, the electrification of other market sectors can create counterbalancing opportunity. Growth scenarios in electricity usage can bring about another cycle of improved lifestyle, capital use efficiency, and economic diversification with assured benefits to be shared between the cooperative’s members. I think it will be a terrific and gratifying time period to participate in PEC affairs and help enable such positive developments. The many prospects to pursue lower risk, more sustainable, more capable and more cost effective power systems make it a compelling time to take part to a greater degree within the cooperative.

The second reason I wish to serve as a Director is a desire to see the PEC continually strive for high standards of operational transparency, clear communication with the membership, while also providing abundant opportunity for constructive engagement. I consider myself an interested and active co-op member but recently found myself surprised by the coming and going of several significant topics. Some of these topics seemed to arise suddenly, take on inexplicable urgency, and were decided with little explanation, justification, or solicitation of input from the membership. I would work to ensure that any changes in governance of the cooperative are deliberately communicated to the membership for review and approval.

My educational background is in Chemical Engineering with BS and MS degrees from the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of California, Davis, respectively. In between these educational pursuits I served in the Peace Corps in Honduras installing gravity-fed potable water systems in rural communities. I met my wife, Minda, in graduate school and her work as an epidemiologist brought us to Austin. I started my career in semiconductor manufacturing which involved process engineering, technical management, technology development, capital equipment design & deployment and service support duties. My career entailed roles for several companies, offered worldwide travel opportunities and typically involved direct customer service. I currently work in an administrative staff role as an Industrial Project Coordinator for an engineering research center at the University of Texas whose mission is to develop new scalable processes, materials and tooling for nano-electronic and nano-photonic device manufacture.

Minda and I have lived in PEC District 3 for the last 13 years. We have three boys, a middle schooler, a high schooler and one in college studying mechanical engineering.

I think my work, life experiences, and positive disposition toward customer service will serve the cooperative well. I appreciate your consideration for Director of District 3 and would welcome your thoughts, concerns and suggestions regarding the direction of the PEC.

Please feel free to contact me at the following Email address: matt.peccomm@materialway.com

Matt Weldon